How long can I receive my package?

Usually, it will take about 5-8 business days to be delivered to you. However, some packages may be delayed due to the COVID-19. We hope you can give us some more time if your package was delayed due to the COVID-19. We will contact the carrier and ask them to deliver it to you as soon as possible. We will try our best to make you receive your package as soon as possible.

How to track yuor package?

1. Click the button above or visit the website "17Track" directly to track your order by using your tracking number.

2. Select the carrier: Chukou1 (If your tracking number begins with SUA/CAE, please select CK1. If not, please select the carrier USPS. )

3. If you can't track your package, please don't worry and Contact us anytime. We will track your package and send you the new tracking information by email.

Electfore track your order

Why my tracking number is invalid?

1. Your tracking number is invalid because it can't identify the carrier of your tracking number. You just need to select the carrier Chukou1 and then the tracking information will shows.

2. If you have selected the right carrier for your tracking number and there is no tracking information, please don't worry and the tracking information hasn't be updated by the carrier. Please be patient. It will be updated soon by the carrier.

If you can't track your package, you can contact us anytime and ask us for the new tracking information.